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Ramuni Paniker

Ramuni PanikerBorn in 1885 in the village of Karimba, in Palakkad district, Menakath Allampadam Ramuni Paniker was a brilliant student, first at Victoria College (Palakkad), later at Madras University where he received the all-India gold medal for Chemistry BSc. Later, he came out with flying colours in MSc from Leeds University (England).

A distinguished son of Kerala living in Europe, he cared for Indian independence. At some point he had to flee England and he managed to reach Spain, where a Catalan family from Barcelona gave him refuge. He married Carme Alemany the familyís daughter.

Dynamic and enterprising as he was, he soon established a business in Barcelona and became a leading industrialist. A man with great zest for life, Paniker became well-known for his work in leather technology. But he was never destined to see his mother land again.

After independence, when he was about to start a trip to India, he was struck with paralysis and confined at home until his death in 1954.

Tough an exile, Paniker was steeped in the culture of India, especially Kerala. In fact he became a perfect fusion of east and west. Proficient in several languages, including Sanskrit, he had good knowledge of Indian metaphysics.

Paniker inculcated his love for Indian culture in his descendents. Today, most of them living in Europe, they have taken initiative to return to Kerala Panikerís love and the vision to work for the betterment of its people.

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